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Advantages Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution which is commonly referred to as ADR is a form of the settlement of disputes that involves settling the disputes outside the courtroom. The method involves neutral evaluation of the situation, mediation, and arbitration. It is good to settle legal matters in court, but sometimes the cases might take a while to be settled in addition to being costly. Below are some of the merits of ADR;

Party Autonomy

ADR is private in nature, therefore; the parties have greater control over how their dispute will be resolved as compared to court litigation. In this process, the parties involved select the individuals who will settle the dispute. They choose the best people according to their opinion. Moreover, they may have the authority to choose the applicable law and the language of the proceedings. This method may facilitate a faster process as both parties will devise the most efficient ways to settle the dispute. A faster process will save money and the resources needed.


This process can be neutral to the law as well as the language and institutional culture of the parties involved. Therefore, it may help to avoid any court advantages that any of the parties might have. Sometimes in court litigation processes, there is familiarity with the applicable law and processes, and that can offer strategic advantages to one of the parties. With ADR the whole process is not biased, and the dispute is resolved with neutrality.


The best thing about this process is that it is private. Both parties can decide to keep the proceedings and the results to themselves. That allows them to focus on the merits of the dispute instead of having to worry about the impact it has on the public and the public opinion. This is imperative, especially where commercial reputations are involved.

It Is A Single Procedure

Through this process, the parties can decide to resolve the dispute in a single procedure. When that happens, time and money are saved. In addition to that, the expenses and complexity of multi-jurisdictional litigation are narrowed that. Also, the chances of having inconsistent results are greatly reduced when a single procedure is used to settle disputes.
Nowadays, many civil lawsuits are resolved without filing a lawsuit. The ADR system has helped individuals to settle their disputes promptly while saving money. In the case where individuals do not have the money for court litigation, ADR is highly recommended.…