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Qualities of A Good Bong

No one would like to have a bad smoke especially if you are spending your hard-earned income on it. So, what are the features that one should look out for when buying a Beaker bong to ensure a good smoke?

Properties of a good bong

Quality of the Bong Material


First and foremost you need a bong that’ll last long. Glass is prone to breakage, but there are plastic and metal bongs out there that are not brittle as glass. On the other-hand, glass bongs do offer pure smoke taste; they are also easier to clean unlike the plastic and metal bongs. Therefore, glass bongs are a good choice, but one should check the surface carefully for any cracks or unevenness before purchase.


For bongs with percolators, one should keenly observe the bubbling action. The bubbling action should be smooth to avoid dragging the smoke which may make it difficult for you to clear the smoke with one hit. A piece of advice when buying a bong with percolators is, ask the shop attendant to fill different of them with water so you can pull and compare.


Considering that most people could feel a little bit lazy to clean their bongs, choose a bong that is easy to clean. Glass bongs are by far the easiest to clean. Also, dirt spots can easily be spotted. Bongs with percolators are a nuisance to clean. Beaker and straight tube bongs are easier to clean.


A bong should be made of durable material. Plastic, metal and bamboo bongs are durable so are thick glass bongs. When getting a bong seek assistance from an expert to ensure you get the originals, not the knock-off. Counterfeit bongs are made from fake materials and could easily break; this could be a huge loss especially if you did spend a lot on it.


Ensure you check out the size of the chamber; bigger chamber means more smoke for a hit. Bigger smokes maybe difficult to clean with a first hit. Therefore, you should ensure you get your best size concerning your lung capacity since you don’t want to fill the chamber with smoke and fail to finish it.

Shape, Color, and Design

slkvnlksadkvnsadnvkasndvlkasndlvknasdlvsadvasdvThis narrows down to personal preference; you should feel free and go for what looks good and fits your taste. However, regarding shape keep in mind that sophisticated shapes may be a pain when it comes to cleaning.
From the above features, you have a guide that’ll help point you on what to check out when shopping for your new bong.…